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Product Highlights

  • Sleeve except sewing
  • Excellent reflect insulator
  • Light weight / Thin thickness
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Applied PET instead of fiber glass

Typical applications

  • Tub + Hose
  • Pipes of air conditioner
  • Oil pressure/Fuel pipes
  • Control cable
  • Wire harnesses in Engine room
  • Hybrid car

Product description

TS-P015 designed to provide thermal protection for both radiant and convective heat applications. Composed of a woven PET Multifilament base fabric and a lamination
of aluminium foil. It hasn’t sewing line and It’s available that prevention of disentangled. Also, Reflect Insulator 1300 has an excellent radiant and convective heat protection and attractive
appearance. In addition, components that aim to protect are available in a variety of ways.

We using PET Multifilament instead of fiberglass, because It doesn’t happen to be allergic to the worker. And Aluminum has an excellent reflect effect. TS-P015 protects various hoses, tubes, wire harnesses and other important parts from wear due to heat.

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