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Product Highlights

  • Higher strength than regular aluminum tape
  • Direct attach to part
  • Easy installation
  • Superior protection against radiant heat
  • Available in custom designs
  • Excellent reflect insulator
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Light weight / Thin thickness

Typical applications

  • Plastic fuel tank
  • Tube
  • Hose
  • Wire harnesses in Engine room
  • All area that is required a thermal protection as attached directly
  • Hybrid vehicle

Product description

TP-P115 is the insulator that is composed of aluminum foil, plastic film and adhesive. TP-P115 will be supplied with a sheet or roll type that can be applied to any sizes.

The feature of TP-P115 is that there won’t be torn up the aluminum foil as laminated with a plastic film on the aluminum foil. Also the product with partially cut release paper is available for the worker’s convenience as the customer’s required. TP-P115 can simply apply to tubes, hoses, engine wire harnesses and other parts to be needled the tubular Reflect Insulator to fix the Reflect Insulator and finish the end of the tubular Reflect Insulator.

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