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Product Highlights

  • Excellent heat resistance @175°C / 225°C
  • Direct attach to part
  • Easy installation
  • Superior protection against radiant heat
  • Applicable to complicated shape of part
  • Excellent reflect insulator
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Light weight / Thin thickness

Typical applications

  • Plastic fuel tank
  • Tube
  • Hose
  • Wire harnesses in Engine room
  • All area that is required a thermal protection as attached directly
  • Hybrid vehicle

Product description

TP-G020 is composed of woven glass fiber fabric that has an aluminum foil laminated to its outer surface and an adhesive. TP-G020 is a sheet type that can be self-adhered directly to component, slit to custom widths and lengths or die-cut to complex geometric shapes.

A feature of TP-G020 is a high heat resistance on a high heat environment, a thin thickness to be able to install even at a narrow area and a fine appearance after installed. Also it can be used variously to protect parts from heat. TP-G020 protects various plastic fuel tanks, hoses, tubes, wire harnesses and other important parts from heat.

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