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Product Highlights

  • Reduced expensive amid yam consumption
  • Diminution in manufacturing process for low cost
  • Strong to bacteria and mold
  • Excellent reflect insulator
  • Good unity for sewing

Typical applications

  • Part of close to engine room
  • Hose
  • Connector
  • Bracket
  • Wire harnesses in engine room
  • Hose and wire harnesses

Product description

TP-ACOI17 purpose useing Armid yarn instead of glassfiber. Specially, We made woven fabrics with Amid yarn and carbon yarn. Therefore, TP-ACO17 has an high quailty reflect
insulator and cost saving made possible. TP-ACO17 is composed of a woven both to Amid yarn and carbon yarn base fabric and aluminium. Therefore, we can make reduce the
heat insulator manufacturing process and cost. In fact carbon fabric has a sound insulation, damp proof property, deodorization effects and strong to bacteria and mold. This heat insulator has excellent convective heat protection.

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