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  1. High friction coefficient to make it an excellent abrasive.
  2. No crack or hardening since it is made of elastic material having excellent durability.
  3. Excellent on abrasion-resistance.
  4. It has shock buffer and shock damping effects.
  5. It can be fixed by peeling off the backing paper with a rubber pressure adhesive.
Measuring instruments / Telecommunication devices / Computers / Office automation appliances / Home appliances / Furniture / Toys / Medical instruments, etc.
  1. Since it has high friction, it is easy to adhere to the contact surface with urethane. It is recommended to evaluate it before use since there is a possibility of peeling off a part of the contact surface.
  2. Depending on the paint, there is a possibility of color migration or contamination, so please confirm in advance.
  3. It might generate rust on metals, please evaluate it before use.