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Product Highlights

  • Available in custom designs
  • Easy installation
  • Ring snap with a stable snap action
  • Excellent reflect insulator
  • Excellent Thermal Resistance, 225°C / 250°C
  • Light weight

Typical applications

  • Hose
  • Plastic component
  • Tube
  • All area that is required a thermal protection as installed directly

Product description

TC-G322 is composed of non-woven oxidation carbon, glass fiber fabric that has an aluminum foil laminated to its outer surface and an adhesive. TC-G322 is easy to install because of ring type snap and also it shows better snap action, and it has the excellent thermal resistance.

At the request of the customer, the change of the shape is possible it can be produced by press die even its shape is irregular so that it is possible to supply in accordance with the specifications of the customer. TC-G322 protects tube, hose and other important parts from heat as much as possible.

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