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Product Highlights

  • Available in custom designs
  • Easy installation with type of snap
  • Provides superior protection against radiant heat
  • Excellent reflect insulator
  • Excellent Thermal Resistance
  • Light weight

Typical applications

  • Hose
  • Plastic component
  • Tube
  • Any area where a self-adhering thermal protection system is required

Product description

TC-G220 is composed of woven oxidation carbon, glass fiber fabric that has an aluminum foil laminated to its outer surface and an adhesive. TC-G220 is equipped with a snap-type,
it can be easily installation. TC-G220 also has excellent thermal resistance. At the request of the customer, the adjustment of the shape are possible. TC-G220 produces it with Thomson mold even irregular shape, it is possible to supply in accordance with the specifications specified by the customer.

TC-G220 protects various hoses and other important parts from wear due to heat. and any area where a self-adhering thermal protection is required.

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