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STBS series


Circuit board Spacer


  • Fixed with the self tapping screws.
  • Only its head part will stick out on the other side of the P.C.B.


Nylon 66

Standard color:

UL94V-2: Natural
UL94V-0: White

Model STBS

STBS- 10, STBS- 10U, STBS- 12, STBS- 12U, STBS- 14, STBS- 14U, STBS- 16, STBS- 16U, STBS- 18, STBS- 18U, STBS- 22.5, STBS- 22.5U, STBS- 4, STBS- 4U, STBS- 6, STBS- 6U, STBS- 8, STBS- 8U