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SL-H series

Nylon clip / High-heat Clip


  • Fix the bundle of wire and cable tightly with the fixation of screws.
  • Protect wire from damage owing to roundish shape inside the clip.
  • Inner diameter is adjustable with SL-14N ~ SL-32N (see fig.2 and 3)
  • Two different Materials are available depending on the use of temperature.


Nylon 66 UL94V-2: Nylon clip
Nylon 46 UL94V-0: High-heat clip

Standard color:

Nylon 66: Natural
Nylon 46: White

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Model SL

SL- 10N, SL- 11N, SL- 12N, SL- 13N, SL- 14N, SL- 16N, SL- 18N, SL- 24N, SL- 2N, SL- 32N, SL- 3N, SL- 4N, SL- 5N, SL- 6N, SL- 7N, SL- 8N, SL- 9N