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SF series


SF Tubing


  • Wiring protection tube braided with polyester fiber.
  • Excellent in elasticity and flexibility by woven construction, and it will expand 1.5 ~ 4 times by pressing from side to side.
  • Can be used with a wide application range of bundled wire.
  • Economical.
  • Effective for protection of electric and electronic wiring.
  • Recognized for “Flame-retardant” at the Anti-flammable test of Railway-Car-Material.


Polyester (monofilament)

Standard color:

Standard color: Black
Flame-retardant (Halogen-Free): Gray


SF- 10, SF- 10U, SF- 12, SF- 12U, SF- 19, SF- 19U, SF- 3, SF- 30, SF- 30U, SF- 3U, SF- 6, SF- 6U