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Product Highlights

  • Excellent cut-through resistance
  • Available Orange color and Black color
  • Self-wrapping and tubular type
  • Easy installation
  • Heat resistance 125°C
  • Isolate high voltage cables
  • Isolate fuel pipes

Typical applications

  • High voltage cables of EV/HEV
  • Fuel pipes of vehicle & HEV

Product description

PW-WC12-D is developed for helping the protection from the electric shock and possible fire in crash including EV and HEV, also in crash involving regular car it will help the protection from the fuel leakage and possible fire.

The orange color of PW-WC12-D shows the identification of protection for high voltage cables. PW-WC12-D has a superior heat resistance to be able to work in the high temperature of the engine room.

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