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Push-in Wire Connector 3-pole 0.5 – 2.5 mm² white (10pcs)

Art.-No. 148-90058 | HECL-2/1-Blister-PA66-WH

HelaCon Lux

The typical application is lighting installation, where the solid conductor from concealed cabling has to be connected to a flexible cable for fighting or other device. The 2/1 variant allows the looping through of the supply fines for additional devices.

There are two types of cable insertion port on each side of the HelaCon Lux connector, one is a conventional push in wire type suitable for solid cable, whilst the other side is suable for flexible cable and is inserted by pressing the locking mechanism and can be released in the same way at any time.

The lighting side can accept any kind of conductor and makes HelaCon Lux connectors also useful to connect devices that use flexible connecting cables such as control devices for smart home applications e.g. for blinds, fans, heating & cooling.

Features & benefits:

  • Best suitable to connect solid with flexible wire
  • Combines push-in connector with lock / unlock spring mechanism
  • For solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors at lighting input from 0.5 to 2.5 mm²
  • For solid wires from 0.75 up to 2.5 mm² on the installation side
  • Use with typical housing current of 450 V / 24 A
  • Either one or two inputs for solid conductor on installation side
  • Very flexible application
  • Tool-free application for easy, time-saving, safe connection
  • Especially for overhead work and when wires are difficult to access