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Product Highlights

  • Excellent noise suppression
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Expandable tubular sleeve
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Self-extinguish
  • Light weight / Thin thickness
  • Easy installation on bent part

Typical applications

  • All wire harnesses
  • Tube, hose, pipe and cable assembly
  • Hybrid vehicle

Product description

PS-BCN15 is composed of Nylon monofilament, Polyester monofilament & multifilament. Based on wide experience there are various sizes with high quality on flexibility, elasticity and anti-abrasion as combined raw material accordingly so that the customer can choose and apply it to meet its’ purpose which will help to extend the part life.

A feature of PS-BCN15 is an excellent sleeve type protector on both flexibility and elasticity, and it will work as the anti-abrasion and anti-noise protector. And it can be applied to the severely
bent part, further even one size product can be used for various sizes of parts. It can be drained easily and prevent freezing because of the net type construction. PS-BCN15 can be applied to the wire harness can be worn due to the interference with other parts at the door, roof, In-panel and engine room. Also it can be used to prevent the noise from the vibration and improve the installation and avoid bending at the crawlspace work.

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