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Product Highlights

  • Excellent noise suppression
  • Expandable tubular sleeve
  • Good flexibility, unity
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Self-extinguish
  • Easy to be applied
  • Light weight / Thin thickness
  • Easy to be applied
  • Good appearance
  • Closely contacted to bent part

Typical applications

  • Main wire harnesses
  • Floor wire harnesses
  • Door wire harnesses
  • Rear wire harnesses
  • Hybrid car

Product description

PS-BC12-25 is a sleeve-type protection material with excellent flexibility and elasticity to suppress noise on wire harnesses. Light-weighted and thin, PS-BC12-25 can be
applied to the severely bent part. As Noise Guard 5015 can be expanded 3 times as long as its diameter, it is very easy to apply this product and even a size of product can be applied to various
sizes of parts.

PS-BC12-25 is braided from a combination of PET Multifilament & PET Monofilament. when installed on wire harness, this construction provides a sound dampening and anti-rattle effect greatly reducing the noise. In addition, with various sizes of PS-BC12-25 product, it is possible to apply optimal size of product according to the application of customers, which helps lengthening the life cycle of each part.

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