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Product Highlights

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Self-extinguish
  • Heat resistance 125°C
  • Easy to be applied
  • Light weight / Thin thickness
  • Good appearance

Typical applications

  • Hose, tube and cable abrasion protect
  • Part of strong abrasion protect

Product description

PC-WB12 Is a durable, flame retardant, tightly woven type of snap.

Constructed from high denier yams, PC-WB12 can apply to difficult part of hoses, cables, wires. It was also designed to provide enhanced abrasion protection over hoses, cables, wires where rugged environment may cause it to be chafed and damaged.

PC-WB12 has an excellent performance in flexibility and wear resistance. In addition, with various sizes of product, it is possible to apply optimal size of PC-WB12 product according to the application of customers, which helps lengthening the life cycle of each part.

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