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P series (Push Rivet)

Push Rivet

■ New kind of fixation fitting replacing screws.
■ Push the pin in to spread the rivet leg to secure the panel.

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Model P (Push Rivet)

P2024, P2032, P2040, P2048, P2064, P2632, P2642, P2648, P2655, P3035, P3045, P3055, P3065, P3075, P3080, P3090, P3100, P3535, P3545, P3550, P3555, P3560, P3570, P3580, P4050, P4060, P4070, P4080, P4090, P4100, P5045, P5055, P5065, P5075, P5085, P5095, P5105, P6060, P6080