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OS/OF series


One Touch Sleeve


  • Insulation sleeve for straight and flag type terminal.
  • Can be attached after the terminal slotted onto the tab.
  • Stay firmly onto the tab with shoulder owing to the slit aside of the sleeve.
  • Prevent terminal from the foreign object coming through the cable entry.


Nylon6 (UL94V-2)
Nylon66 (UL94V-0)

Standard color:

Nylon6: Natural
Nylon66: White


OF-187, OF-187N, OF-187NU, OF-187U, OF-205, OF-205U, OF-250, OF-250S, OF-250SU, OF-250U, OS-110, OS-110U, OS-187, OS-187U, OS-205, OS-205U, OS-250, OS-250U