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OR super cable

Super highly bendable robot cable

UL STYLE NO.21030 80˚C 300 V


● Super bending performance
In order to greatly increase the bending performance, a newly developed special elastomer is used for the insulation.
The excellent sliding performance, hardness, and toughness of this material realizes super bending performance which is one rank higher than that of a conventional high bending cable that uses fluorine-based insulation.

● Conductor
The conductor uses a special copper alloy for improved bending resistance and twisting resistance.

● Sheath
The sheath is made of polyurethane resin for improved wear resistance, mechanical toughness including resistance to exterior damage, and resistance to oil and chemicals. As a result, the cable is suitable for applications in the FA field where the working environmental conditions are severe.

● Braided shield
A highly bendable type special shield material is used in order to improve the life of the shield. Also, this material is softer and more flexible than a general copper braided shield.

● Standards
This cable uses a highly fire retardant polyurethane sheath, enabling it to be certified as conforming to the UL VW-1 fire retardant standard.


Used for many applications including industrial robots and automated machine tools, which require high bending resistance, twisting
resistance, and sliding resistance