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NPSS series


Net Protector SS


  • Highly wear-resistant, protects against wear from the friction of hoses against pipes, etc.
  • Braided material is extremely bendable and stretchable, fits many different types of pipes and hoses, and creates a smart, neat look.
  • Netted pattern resists heat and humidity and is lighter than other protective covers.
  • Expandable diameter means one size fits many applications and saves money.
  • The Secret of the Net Protector SS
    (The innovative, fanned ends of the Net Protector SS are what give it an edge over
    existing products1. The ends are fanned out wide through a distinct manufacturing
    process and prevent fraying, slip on quickly, largely improve operational efficiency
    and contribute to cost-cutting. 1Shinagawa Shoko has applied for intellectual
    property rights in major countries.)
  • We will cut the Net Protector SS to the length you specify before delivery.
    When you order, specify the finished length in terms of natural length by adding “L”
    and a three-digit length to the end of the Product Number (Ex: NPSS-12-L150 for an
    NPSS-12 with a natural length of 150 mm)


Nylon 66 + PET plastic

Standard color:



NPSS-05, NPSS-09, NPSS-12, NPSS-17