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Metal-braid armored cable


These are special armored cables for industrial and shipping applications, which have high transmission speed and can withstand mechanical damage. In recent years, high speed interfaces represented by Ethernet and IEEE1394, for example, have come into increasing use, and their networks are being used for industrial equipment and also shipping. Oki Electric Cable have added metal-braid armor to these high-speed interface cables, and as a result offer special cables that have both high-speed transmission performance and mechanical strength to meet the needs of our customers.


  • We design and manufacture cables that are optimum for various applications, and offer them to our customers.
  • The performance of these cables conforms to various high-speed interface cable standards such as Gigabit Ethernet and IEEE1394.
  • In order to guarantee total performance, we offer products in the form of wire harnesses fitted with connectors.
  • These armored cables use metal braid armor, which has been proven in shipping applications, in order to ensure mechanical strength.

* These cables are sold fitted with connectors, as a general rule.


  • These cables are used mainly in an environment where high-speed signals are transmitted and also where there is a possibility of mechanical damage. They can be widely used for communication and also transmission of control signals, in communication equipment, measuring equipment, robots, and other equipment for industrial and shipping applications.
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