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LK series


LED Spacer

General (LH/LK series) Feature:

  • Create an uniform height for LED
  • Prevent LED from tipping over, and protects and insulate LED lead
  • Reliable due to the excellence in heat-resistance, cold-resistance and chemical-resistance, and can be used during the soldering and cleaning
  • Spacer for 3φ, 5φ, square shaped, two-color LEDs also available
  • Length outside the standard range indicated below can be also customized

LK Series Feature:

  • Best suited for square
  • Length outside the standard range can be also (Please contact us for further information)


Olefin elastomer UL94V-0

Standard color:


Dimensions N/A
Model LK

LK- 1, LK- 10, LK- 11, LK- 12, LK- 13, LK- 14, LK- 15, LK- 2, LK- 3, LK- 4, LK- 5, LK- 6, LK- 7, LK- 8, LK- 9