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LD-0051 EST Lock


1.This product is an EST lock with holding type solenoid built in.
2.Energizing the solenoid switches the locks to the locked and unlocked. (Details are in circuit diagram)
3.A built-in microswitch detects the status of the Part No. 4 locking cam.
4.This product is drip-proof if it is installed in the correct direction.
5.Emergency Release: The lock can be opened by operating A or B.
・The door is unlocked and can be opened, when A is raised.
・The lock can be switched between locked and unlocked by operating B. The door can be opened when it is unlocked. Unlike A, B stays locked and unlocked.


Mailbox for condominium, Personal boxes, Mailbox, Small Locker, and Small Fridge


Electrical rating (Solenoid / Holding Type)
Rated Voltage: DC 5V
Direct current resistance: 3Ω (Ambient temperature 20℃)
Rated current: 1.67A
Rated Value (Duty cycle): Intermittent 2.9 percent (ON 0.3s・OFF 10s)
Resistance Voltage: AC500V (50/60 Hz) Endurance for 1 minute.
Heat-resistance classes (Insulation system): Class A insulation
Insulation resistance: 50MΩ and above / DC500V
Temperature Rises: 65K or less.

Electrical rating (Micro Switch)

Rating: DC30V 0.1A (Resistance load)
Insulation resistance: 100MΩ and above (DC500V)
Contact resistance: 140mΩ or below (Initial value)
Resistance Voltage: AC600V / for 1 minute
Operating Temperature: -40℃~+85℃ 60%RH or less.
(No icing or condensation should occur)


1.Since it could be interfered depending on tracking of the door, please test it by using actual item or non the drawing.
2.Please do not load to cam Lock from the horizontal direction.
3.Please do not pull the lead wire strongly.
4.Please install this item with correct direction that showed on its drawing. (Installing upside down vertical direction and horizontal direction are not allowed.)
5.In close state (as shown on this drawing), adding forces to the opening direction will disturb function of solenoid and can’t be opened*.
* Forces to the opening direction are repulse force by seals between door and application, constant load by spring hinges and so on.
6.Even though this item has leak resistance, but please avoid using it in circumstances such as exposure in outdoor, places where freeze, condensation or dust will be causes.
7.This item has a risk of wire break by heat when continuous use as over 5 seconds energizes. Please do not use this item till its solenoid coil will be cold enough.

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