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HX SEALED SERIES for 23way and 33way 1.0mm (040)


The HX sealed connector series is the highly reliable improved version of the conventional HW sealed series, with a mechanism that detects when terminals are not inserted completely.
This series consists of 1.0mm・1.5mm・2.3mm types (0.64mm・1.0mm・1.5mm・2.3mm・4.8mm types for the hybrid model) classified according to terminal size, supporting use in
a variety of control circuits and low power circuits.

  • The connector mechanism only allows the retainer to be set when the terminal is completely inserted.
  • The hybrid model can be directly secured to a bracket on the car body, but this is only possible when the locking mechanism ensures the connectors are completely engaged, preventing semi-engagement.
  • RoHS/ELV Compliant

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