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Highly flexible Cat.5e LAN cables

Highly flexible Cat.5e LAN cables

UL Style No.20276 80degrees 30V

This is a high flexibility shielded cable which uses a special polymer and a special shield, realizing innovatively high bending resistance.
It supports Gigabit Ethernet, and realizes 1Gbps high-speed data transmission.
It also supports high-speed data transmission in industrial Ethernet, industrial machine vision, etc.


High-speed camera image transmission formats that use Gigabit Ethernet are standardized.
Oki Electric cable offers the TPMC-C5e (S-HFR) cable as the optimum high flexibility shielded cable for industrial applications which support these high camera image transmission formats.


  • Can be used as a LAN cable that supports the 1000BASE-T format (transmission speed 1Gbps).
  • Is suitable for applications such as robots and FA devices which require high bending resistance and sliding resistance.
  • Can be used to connect industrial high-speed cameras to terminal equipment, particularly those that support Ethernet.
  • This cable has an oil resistant sheath, enabling it to be used in severe environments such as those encountered in factories.


  • This cable is intended for movable applications. It uses high flexibility special polymer insulation and a special braided shield, resulting in high bending resistance and high sliding resistance, and can also withstand twisting motion.
  • The special braided shield increases noise immunity.
  • It supports industrial high-speed camera image transmission formats.
  • It has an oil resistant sheath, making it suitable for use in factory environments, for example.
  • It can be used with general shielded modular plugs.


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