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High bending resistance HPCF fiber optic cable

High bending resistance HPCF fiber optic cable


This highly flexible fiber optic cable consists of a quartz glass core and also a clad part made of hard plastic resin that has low refractive index.


  • The core part has a large diameter (200m), resulting in efficient bonding between the light receiving and light sending elements. Also, the clad part is tough and thermally stable, enabling the optical cable to be handled very easily.
  • The optical fiber is of an SI (step index type) construction, and is suitable for transmitting signals over short to medium distances.
  • This cable conforms to the RoHS standard.


  • This cable is suitable for equipment where high noise immunity and suppression of noise emission are required, in parts of FA, such as a robot, where flexibility is required.
  • It is also suitable for use on vehicle-mounted equipment (MOST, IDB-1394, etc.) where high-speed transmission and high heat resistance are required.