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HE SERIES for STANDARD 2.3mm (090)


The HE connector series is the highly reliable improved version of the conventional HD series, with a mechanism that minimizes the possibility of terminal back out and semi-engagement of connectors. This series consists of 0.64mm, 1.0mm, 2.3mm, 4.8mm and 9.5mm types (0.64mm, 1.0mm, 2.3mm, 4.8mm and 8.0mm types for the hybrid model) classified according to terminal size, supporting use in a variety of control circuits and low power circuits.

  • An incompletely inserted terminal is automatically adjusted to the correct position by setting a retainer.
  • Retainers are pre-mounted on the connector housing, and are structured to enable setting by the same simple operation regardless of the number of ways, improving operability.
  • An extra clip can be attached to the connector housing to secure it to the car body, and multiple connectors can be joined.
  • PCB models are also available for connection to printed circuit boards.
  • RoHS/ELV Compliant

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