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EPC Series

  • Explosion-proof connector (Explosion-proof class ExdⅡBT4)
  • JIS crimp contacts make wiring easy
  • Earth wire grounding terminals installed inside and outside
  • Lightweight aluminum machined shell


Waterproof Waterproof connector [IP-67 waterproof when connected]
Locking Method Screw locking method
Explosion-proof grade and features
  • ○Products certified by the Technology Institution of Industrial Safety (TIIS)
  • ○ Explosion-proof construction (ExdⅡBT4)
  • Uses aluminum alloy that is resistant to damage even in harsh environments
Wiring Method JIS crimping method (JIC C 9711)
Allowable Temperature Range -20℃ to +40℃


  • Insulation resistance: When measured between the nearest conductors at the specified voltage, it is 5,000 MΩ or more.
  • Withstand voltage: No short circuit or other abnormalities occur even when the specified voltage is applied between the closest conductors for one minute.
  • Contact resistance: When a pair of contacts is joined to the correct length, the conductor resistance is 3 mΩ or less.
  • Waterproof: After being left under a water pressure of 40kPa for 24 hours under normal use conditions, there is no sign of water entering the device.

Materials and Processing

Material Process
Shell Aluminum alloy
Insulator Synthetic Resin
Contact Copper alloy Silver plating
Rubber seal Synthetic rubber