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ENJW/ENRW series

Outdoor Ethernet Connector

RJ45 built-in waterproof connector

The built-in JJ adapter allows for connection to the rear of the receptacle and inside the adapter.

Modular plug connection possible
Transmission characteristics:
Compatible with Cat 5e STP cable
Excellent waterproof and weather resistance, ideal for outdoor use
Two types are available: screw lock type and one-touch lock type
Uses NJW and NRW shells that have a proven track record in various outdoor applications



RoHS RoHS compliant
Waterproof Waterproof connector [Waterproof function equivalent to IP-67 when connected]
Locking Method ENJW: Screw lock type ENRW: One-touch lock type
Communication performance
  • Cat 5e (PoE power supply compatible)
Included modular plug

Applicable wire

  • Solid wire: 24AWG
  • Stranded wire: 26AWG to 24AWG
  • Insulator outer diameter: φ 0.89mm to φ 1.02mm
Cable clamp tightening range φ6.0mm to φ7.0mm, φ7.0mm to φ8.2mm ,  φ6.0mm to φ11.2mm

*The cable clamp tightening range varies depending on the model.

Operating temperature limit -25℃ to +60℃
  • To ensure waterproofing, please use cables with appropriate specifications and construction for the plug adapter.
  • The plug comes with an RJ45 modular plug. Receptacles and adapters are not included.
    If you use a modular plug other than the one included, the specifications may not be met due to its shape and performance.
    Modular plugs with the latches not removed cannot be used.


  • Repeated operation: After 500 insertions and removals, there are no cracks or loosening of parts and the contact resistance is 20mΩ or less.
  • Moisture resistance: After a humidity test, there is no functional impairment and the insulation resistance is 10 MΩ or more.
  • Temperature cycle: After the temperature cycle test, there is no functional problem and the insulation resistance is 500 MΩ or more.
  • Waterproof: After being left under 40kPa water pressure for 24 hours under normal use conditions, there is no sign of water ingress.

Materials and Processing

  Material Process
Shell ENJW: Aluminum Alloy
ENRW: Synthetic Resin
ENJW: Special Processing


Rubber Seal Synthetic Rubber