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DC series


Dust Cover


  • For the protection of connectors from dust, moisture, etc prior to the installation.
  • Best suited at a time of transport and storage.


Soft PVC
Standard material: SS108
UL recognized material (E58538): SS107UFTT

Standard color:

SS107UFTT: Blue Transparent (23)

Weight N/A
Model DC

DC-1161, DC-1204, DC-1306, DC-1504, DC-2006, DC-2013, DC-2508, DC-2520, DC-2716, DC-3025, DC-3605, DC-4007, DC-4103, DC-4114, DC-4304, DC-4308, DC-4317, DC-4416, DC-4807, DC-4819, DC-5222, DC-5312, DC-5410, DC-6110, DC-6307, DC-6405, DC-6522, DC-7106, DC-7225, DC-7310, DC-7342, DC-7921, DC-8009, DC-8506, DC-8608, DC-9012, DC-9020, DC-9310