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CDP series


Corrugated Tubing


  • For protecting and bundling of wire and cable.
  • Very light and flexible.
  • Robust structure, hard to get squashed.
  • Available for two type having slit or none.
  • Excellent cold-resistance and for applications in cold location.
  • Easy to store with the boxed packaging that protects from scratches and dusts.


Flame-retardant PR

Standard color:

Flame-retardant: Black
Rodent-resistant: Light Gray

● Red ・White ・Blue ・ Yellow ・ Grey
Orange is order-made.
Available with only flame retardant type.

(Contact us for size and production volume)


CDP-B903-0, CDP-B903-1, CDP-B905-0, CDP-B905-1, CDP-B907-0, CDP-B907-1, CDP-B910-0, CDP-B910-1, CDP-B913-0, CDP-B913-1, CDP-B915-0, CDP-B915-1, CDP-B919-0, CDP-B919-1, CDP-B922-0, CDP-B922-1, CDP-B925-0, CDP-B925-1, CDP-B928-0, CDP-B928-1, CDP-B932-0, CDP-B932-1, CDP-K903-0, CDP-K903-1, CDP-K905-0, CDP-K905-1, CDP-K907-0, CDP-K907-1, CDP-K910-0, CDP-K910-1, CDP-K913-0, CDP-K913-1, CDP-K915-0, CDP-K915-1, CDP-K919-0, CDP-K919-1, CDP-K922-0, CDP-K922-1, CDP-K925-0, CDP-K925-1, CDP-K928-0, CDP-K928-1, CDP-K932-0, CDP-K932-1