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Zippertube Attached for Aluminum Frame

AL-Easy, tube for the cable bundling and protection, is easily installed on aluminum frame which is widely used for the facility unit, cradle, and clean booth.

Cables around aluminum frame are bundled with AL-Easy. It’s perfect for both cable management and neat appearance.

Product Overview

  • For Aluminum Frame
  • Groove width : 6mm~6.5mm , Board thickness : 2mm~2.5mm
  • Tubing Color : Gray

Product Description

  • Protective tubing for aluminum frame
  • Groove Width : 6mm~6.5mm
  • Board Thickness : 2mm~2.5mm
  • Tubing shape is Easy Lock Type Φ25
  • Tubing color is gray
  • Easy instaration without tool
  • Equivalent specification as UL224 VW-1
  • RoHS compliant

Download Brochure for more information.