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Since its establishment in 1943, Nanaboshi Electric Mfg. has been a reliable partner of users and promoted an expansion of product lineup, not to mention quality control. We put our capability and resources in supporting ever developing information society to further advance technological innovation.

Product Categories

Power & Energy
It is used in equipment related to nuclear power plants and thermal power plants, as well as solar power generation. For the power plant related equipment, we have adopted the robust NWPC series, which is made of brass by cutting, and the high-current NMI series, and for solar power generation, we have adopted the PLW series, which is lightweight and has obtained PSE standards. In addition, since there is no risk of wiring errors in emergencies or the need for tools during installation, it is also being used in the field of emergency power supplies. View Products
Disaster Prevention & Defense
It is used in surveillance cameras and disaster countermeasure supplies (portable seismometers, backpack lights, and disaster toilets). For surveillance cameras, we have developed and adopted ENJW, a waterproof Ethernet connector, to support the widespread use of network cameras installed outdoors. At the same time as the screw lock type ENJW, we also have a lineup of one-touch lock type ENRW. For disaster countermeasure products, our connectors are used in anticipation of ease of connection so that it is easy for any person to install the equipment in the event of a disaster. View Products
Civil Engineering Construction, Machinery, Agriculture
It is used in landslide warning systems, geological survey equipment, conveyors for dam placement and crane trucks. The robustness of the connector, which can be used even in harsh environments related to civil engineering and construction machinery, is our strength. Recently, connectors are increasingly being used for agricultural machinery such as tractors and IoT in agriculture. In order to make it easier to attach and detach the connector during installation and maintenance, there are many cases where one-touch lock connectors (NAW series, NRW series) are used. View Products
Measuring & Communicating Equipment
It is used in radios, sensors and thermocouples, and measuring instruments (civil engineering, gas, water level, etc.). NCS and NJC are used to make it easier to handle indoor equipment, and power cables and equipment connections are connectorized. For outdoor measuring instruments, we use the waterproof NJW series to make it easy to connect devices. View Products
We sell explosion-proof connectors that can be used in explosion-proof areas. This connector has an explosion-proof structure (explosion-proof grade ExdII.BT4) and is designed to prevent it from becoming an ignition source for explosions. It is mainly used in food processing plants and chemical plants (cleaning environments). Although it has only been developed and sold for a few years, we are gradually increasing our track record, and in 2023 we plan to release a cable gland that can be used in an explosion-proof environment. View Products
Automobile and Railway
In the automotive industry, it is used in production equipment such as painting machines and press machines, as well as in specially equipped vehicles such as refrigerated trucks, and recently it has been increasingly used in camper vans. In the railway industry, it is used in track maintenance equipment such as turnover machines, track fall detection mats, and lightning rods. In cases where there is a lot of vibration, such as railroad tracks, there are cases where a one-touch lock connector is used to prevent the connector lock from loosening due to vibration. View Products
General Facilities
It is widely used in elevators, LED lighting equipment, architectural gondolas, construction elevator winches, and store showcases. By connecting equipment to each other and connecting to the power supply of equipment, it is expected to simplify equipment handling and save labor in maintenance. There are also connectors that comply with the Electrical Safety Law‹PSE› to support the generalization of equipment. View Products
It is used in a large number of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and is also used in vacuum pumps, wafer polishing equipment, glass cell exhaust equipment, and ozone generators in products related to semiconductor manufacturing. For TUV-certified products with overseas safety standards such as UL, CSA, and EN standards, all NET and NEW series are compatible, and some NJC series are also certified. View Products
Roads and Transportation
Supplier have a lot of experience in VICS radios, ETC cameras, tunnel lighting, LED displays (electronic information boards), floodlights, and outdoor use environments. The use of connectors in tunnel lighting, etc., makes it easier to branch from trunk lines to lighting, and it is expected to reduce construction time and workload when replacing lighting for maintenance and other reasons. Waterproof connectors have a lot of experience in port equipment and outboard power supply for ships. View Products
It is used for illumination lighting, electronic organs, large monitors in stadiums, and parade production equipment in amusement parks. In order to make it easier to attach and detach the connector when using the device, some customers have adopted a one-touch lock connector (NRW series). By using a single touch, even those who have never used the connector have the advantage of being able to attach and detach it intuitively and easily. Recently, the demand for camper vans has increased, and many people install connectors on their cars by DIY. By making the power cable a connector, you can store the cable when you are not using it and connect it quickly when installing. The connector itself is lightweight and robust, and has been well received. Product Links NRW Series NAW Series NEW Series. View Products